Goldsilver Central Announces Liquidity Provider Membership With Allocated Bullion Exchange

GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd (“GoldSilver Central’) announces Liquidity Provider membership with Allocated Bullion Exchange (“ABX”). This partnership allows & empowers GoldSilverCentral to be a market maker for Gold, Silver and Platinum to Singapore investors.

This collaboration together with (“ABX”) positions GoldSilver Central to be a leading institution when it comes to dealing with precious metals bullion, enabling more accessibility to real-time price discovery for investors. ABX is the world’s first global institutional electronic exchange for allocated physical precious metals, which provides liquidity for investors and members. This is done via the migration of institutional trade and storage of physical precious metals into the electronic environment. This continues to leverage on Singapore’s strong and competent digital landscape, state of the arts storage facilities and strong governance.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Brian Lan, Managing Director of GoldSilver Centralsays that “GoldSilver Central is proud to be a liquidity provider on Allocated Bullion Exchange. This is the world’s first exchange for physical precious metals and GoldSilverCentral is pleased to provide liquidity for physical Gold, Silver and Platinum in Singapore. This will enable us to reach out to institutional, family offices and investors from all over the world who are looking to purchase, store or sell physical precious metals in Singapore. We believe this collaboration will assist to propel Singapore as a major hub for precious metals trading and investment, in line with Singapore’s aim to be a precious metals trading hub.”

Investors interested in participating on ABX’s allocated exchange system can visit ABX’s website at for more information.