The ABX Vision – Built on the Pillars of

Modernisation, Globalisation and Integration


By modernising, integrating and globalising the precious metal markets, ABX has transformed the way physical bullion is traded around the world.

Our vision is to optimise global physical bullion market efficiency by connecting the world with an integrated physical bullion exchange. Having implemented this vision through the innovative MetalDesk platform, the ABX today provides relevant real-time price discovery and promises maximum inclusiveness and accessibility globally.



Physical precious metals are one of the very few standardised asset markets that has not gone electronic in the institutional environment. With a primary objective of modernising the way this market works, ABX has brought the institutional trade of physical precious metals into the electronic environment for the first time. ABX introduces unprecedented efficiency, security, anonymity, confidence, cost-effectiveness and accessibility into the physical precious metals industry through the pioneering MetalDesk trading platform.


Streamlining Physical Trading Operations

How does the MetalDesk Platform offer increased efficiency and improved profitability:

  • Increases trading opportunities for dealers and traders Decreases operating costs
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating the requirement to have phone broking or dealing desks
  • Increases members’ ability to expand revenues by offering:

— an expanded global target market

— the ability for the clients of a member to trade from the member’s white labelled platform 23 hours a day




All 11 ABX global trading hubs are interconnected and fungible with one another, allowing title to be electronically swapped from one location to the next, drastically reducing the need to transport bullion around the world and providing an efficient logistics solution.

Barriers to Entry

ABX breaks down the barriers to entry to the major physical precious metals trading & liquidity centres around the world with a plug-and-play solution that incorporates real-time price discovery, clearing, storage and logistics in a transparent electronic environment.


Locational pricing differentials are easily identifiable and can be immediately acted upon to lock in arbitrage profits.


A Universal Gold Price

Traditionally, price differentials per location can become extreme due the barriers to entry and lack of price discovery mechanisms. Once our exchange hits a market infiltration tipping point, we envision that we will flatten the price of physical precious metals around the world, as market participants will be able to identify and act on price dislocations.



Our exchange integrates the physical bullion trade by offering unprecedented inclusiveness and connectivity to the wholesale market. The ABX offers a facility where precious metal producers can sell their products into the wholesale market directly.

The MetalDesk platform provides a marketplace that directly connects the world’s physical producers (Mining Producers) and the end consumers (Investors, Jewellers & Manufacturers), while at the same time provides the opportunity to any type of broker to offer and promote our platform to their client base through ABX’s white label solutions.


The Game-Changing Mine-to-Market Solution

The implications of offering a facility that faces the metal producers directly with consumers make the ABX proposition a game-changer in the precious metals industry.

ABX provides the only true “Mine-to-Market” solution for producers and end-users to make and take delivery directly from newly refined output or existing stock. The ability to price, deliver and participate on a real-time, centrally-cleared and anonymous basis is the underlying force of change to the existing status quo.