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ABX is the world’s first electronic allocated physical bullion exchange. With a global and ever-growing membership base, we want to keep all our partners and members in the loop regarding our news, appearances, developments and everything else related to the exchange.

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Goldsilver Central Announces Liquidity Provider Membership With Allocated Bullion Exchange

GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd (“GoldSilver Central’) announces Liquidity Provider membership with Allocated Bullion Exchange (“ABX”). This partnership allows & empowers GoldSilverCentral to be a market maker for Gold, Silver and Platinum to Singapore investors. This collaboration together with (“ABX”) positions GoldSilver Central to be a leading institution when it comes to dealing with precious metals   …Read more

ABX Bullion Audit

The bi-annual audit, performed in August by precious metal audit and inspection specialists Inspectorate, verified the precious metal holdings of each ABX Trading Hub location against the records of the ABX Vault Management System and the records maintained by ABX’s third-party secure storage providers. ABX Members are able to request a copy of the audit   …Read more

ABX Launches T+3 Delivery in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai

ABX is pleased to announce the transition to T+3 delivery in Singapore and Dubai commencing Monday 15 August 2016. This transition follows on from the very successful T+3 trial in Hong Kong. All three locations now offer the 1kg gold contract and the 100oz silver contract for T+3 delivery. This transition highlights ABX’s commitment to   …Read more

Member Release

Dear Member, In an effort to provide fair, orderly and transparent markets, the ABX Listing Committee conducts quarterly reviews of all hubs and contract offerings. The purpose of these reviews is to place front and centre the objective of providing deep liquidity with institutional pricing for physical allocated precious metals. HUB SUSPENSION As a result   …Read more