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Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is the world’s leading electronic institutional exchange for allocated physical precious metals. ABX has Modernised, Globalised & Integrated the precious metal markets by redefining the way physical bullion is traded. We connect all major global liquidity centres and break down the barriers of entry to the global wholesale market for all market participants. Read more

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ABX – The Alternative Global Marketplace

Founded in 2011, the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is an institutional exchange which brings global trading, price discovery and clearing facilities from different regions into one online trading environment via its market-leading trading platform, MetalDesk.

The exchange migrates the trade of physical precious metals into the electronic environment; breaking down barriers to entry for the wholesale market, connecting the major liquidity centres of the world and fundamentally redefining the way physical bullion is traded. At the heart of ABX lies the key objective of establishing a world first allocated physical bullion exchange that is efficient, integrated and global.

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Our Pillars – Modernisation. Integration. Globalisation.













ABX introduces a truly global wholesale bullion market, interfacing 11 major global trading centres and bringing price discovery, storage and clearing facilities into one online trading environment.


Providing allocated physical precious metals for investment, giving clients full legal title and ownership of their bullion and protecting them against counterparty risk.


Offering a highly secure precious metal trading and investing ecosystem through world leading enterprise grade technology and infrastructure for clearing, vaulting, logistics, audit and inspection.


All market participants across the full physical trade cycle are provided with optimised automated efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Regionally priced but globally fungible deep pools of liquidity are offered by industry leading physical market participants who are spread across the world.


Providing all market participants, from miner to consumer, with direct wholesale bullion market access, optimising the trading and investment activities of all.

Real-time Market News & Insights

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11 December 2015

Daily Precious Metals Report

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09 December 2015

Daily Precious Metals Report

Gold Gold moved lower on Monday night to open the day at $1,069.00/$1,07. It touched a low of $1,068/$1,069 before ris   ...Read more

08 December 2015

Daily Precious Metals Report

Gold Gold opened slightly lower on Monday at $1,081.50/$1082.50, touching a high of $1,082.75/$1,083.75 before dipping t   ...Read more

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07 September 2015

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31 August 2015

The Fed’s Hamlet Moment

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14 July 2015

A New Narrative for Europe

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