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ABX has modernised the precious metal investment industry by providing a simpler way to trade, store and take delivery of physical bullion. MetalDesk, an online physical bullion platform which provides direct and transparent access to the ABX, introduces layers of standardisation, investor protection and quality assurance, and gives all exchange participants equal access to immediately executable levels and associated sizes, ensuring transparency and fairness.

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By offering the MetalDesk to their clients, investment administrators and online brokers can add new revenue streams to their business through trade-based fees, ongoing storage fees and ongoing collateralisation fees, as well as meet their clients’ physical bullion trading requirements in a competitively advantageous manner.

MetalDesk, which can be fully white-labelled, allows administrators, brokers and their clients to manage their physical bullion investments 23/5 via an online platform and with the same efficiencies as are expected when investing in other standardised asset classes.

Client activity data is available to be delivered to investment administrators and brokers daily in a downloadable format, enabling the efficient management of compliance and administration obligations. Clients no longer have to manually provide transaction documentation, eliminating the need for manual input and maximising efficiency and accuracy.