ABX White Label Solutions

Offer your clients

direct investment and portfolio diversification

into Physical Precious metals

The ABX white label packages provide you with a plug-and-play solution along with all the tools
and support you need to offer an end-to-end physical precious metals trading and investment solution to your clients.

Why offer physical precious metals?​

Enhance and diversify your business through an expanded product offering.

Add new revenue streams to your business through trade-based as well as ongoing management-style storage fees.

Expand the global distribution of your business through the international trading locations offered via the MetalDesk trading platform.

Cater for your clients’ round the clock trading requirements with 23/5 physical bullion market access.

Significantly improve lead conversion and increase your client lifecycle by adding physical bullion to your suite of products.

What Does It Mean For Your Clients?

  • Provide global access to a physical bullion marketplace that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, where clients can source, trade and take delivery of allocated precious metals – high quality and liquid assets.
  • Provide clients with excellent portfolio diversification and tail risk protection.
  • Offer your clients a means of hedging against inflation and protection against currency devaluation.

Technology Overview

The MetalDesk trading platform provides precious metal industry players, asset managers and online brokers the ability to source physical bullion liquidity and market it downstream to their own clients, trading on their behalf or disseminating the platform directly to them.

The platform, in both demo and live environments, can be customised to reflect your branding. Integrated with your front and back office, the platform includes account creation and management tools, and is highly scalable with customisable reporting options.

Electronic Vault Warrants

Allowing physical precious metals to be utilised as good collateral


Once The Terms Of Warrant Have Been Fulfilled And You Agree With Your Full Member To Remove The Pledge, You Can Once Again Trade Or Take Delivery Of Your Bar.


You can use the automated drop-down functionalities of MetalDesk to create an eVW for your gold or silver bar.


Once the eVW is created, you can pledge the bar that is represented by the eVW to your Full Member.


The bar can now be used as collateral; you can use the value of the bullion to trade the other asset classes that are offered by your Full Member.

With MetalDesk you will not only be providing your clients with a gateway to a global physical bullion marketplace; you can also allow them to make use of their physical assets as margin collateral for financing purposes or for trading your other suite of products.

The ABX Electronic Vault Warrant (eVW) system provides for the first time the ability for physical precious metals to be utilised by investors and their brokers. This feature is available through our White Label Solution. For more information on eVWs please read more here.

White Labelling solutions

Which Grant You Direct Access To The Wholesale

Physical Bullion Market.

At ABX we pride ourselves on the unwavering and continuous support we offer our Members, from customisable marketing collaterals, to ongoing front & back office support. ABX is the only gateway to the physical bullion marketplace which offers a turnkey customised solution for precious metal trading, a full suite of support documents to go with it, and ongoing IT and operational support.

Rapid Setup & Customisation

Launch a precious metals trading solution under your brand quickly and with reduced operational risk.

Our white labelling solutions carry the core advantages of saving you valuable time and resources, enabling you to provide your clients with access to the wholesale physical bullion market directly, and giving you the freedom to market our product as you wish according to your brand identity and target market.

Turnkey customised client solution for physical bullion trading, storage and delivery

White label or co-branding of platform and marketing collaterals

A full suite of ABX services and support documents at your disposal

Detailed training and instruction

Ongoing Support

ABX will provide you with ongoing support to ensure the success of your MetalDesk white label.

Our white-labeling program guarantees that we will provide continuous support from the start, but most importantly, we are ever present to help you not only in the operations and management of the platform but also in your promotions and communications to your own clients.

Front & back office support

Built-in CRM to manage clients within MetalDesk Front & back office integration with MetalDesk Advanced Administration Tools Comprehensive client management tools

Customisable End-of-Day (EOD) files to monitor daily trading activities for reporting and regulatory purposes

IT and operational support

MetalDesk Support Request System for the prompt management of any service related issues

Marketing support packages

MetalDesk and associated collaterals, such as platform user guides, brochures and product specification documents are included in the white label offering, giving you the freedom to market the MetalDesk platform under your own brand.

Interested in the ABX White label package?