Retail Investors

Retail investors are able to access the ABX via Full and Associate Members who provide client-facing services.

Precious Metals: The Alternative Asset Class for the Prudent Investor

Precious metals hold unique properties which allow investors to diversify their investment portfolios and protect their savings from unforeseen cases of financial instability. The Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) gives investors access to the allocated physical bullion market via one of our Members, allowing them to make true safe-haven investments in a seamless online trading environment.

The ABX Advantage

Trade physical precious metals online 23/5 through the ground-breaking MetalDesk exchange trading platform.

Get live pricing from 7 global trading hubs straight on your MetalDesk platform and enjoy better pricing and liquidity from multiple liquidity providers around the world.

Hold allocated physical precious metals, which are stored and fully insured with leading third-party vaulting providers.

Holding full legal title of your investment on an allocated account offers the most secure form of precious metal investment with negligible counterparty risk.

Take delivery of your precious metals wherever you are for a small administration fee plus shipping costs.

Use your gold and silver bullion as collateral through our Electronic Vault Warrant (eVW) system to maximise your trading opportunities by investing in other asset classes.

Advantages of using the MetalDesk online trading platform

Central Limit Order Book: MetalDesk offers access to ABX’s low latency exchange matching engine, known as a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), where all limit orders entered into the market are anonymously aggregated and queued for matching. A CLOB is considered the most fair, transparent and efficient exchange system used to match buy and sell orders together.

Full Market Depth: MetalDesk transparently displays in the market depth panel the levels of liquidity in the exchange for each product. All bid (buy) and offer (sell) order price levels available in the market at any one point in time are displayed for all users to see. All users irrespective of category see exactly the same picture of demand and supply in the market.

Holdings Management: monitor and manage your bullion inventory directly through your MetalDesk account.

Customisable Watch List: keep track of your favourite precious metals products by creating watch lists to keep a close eye on their price movement.

Full Account Activity Reporting: access your live and past account activity around the clock.

Web-Based Platform: Being a web-based platform, MetalDesk can be accessed 23/5 from any location in the world without the need for downloads or constant updates. Registration takes under a minute and investors have the choice of opening a demo or a live trading account.

Why Invest in Physical Precious Metals

Precious metals act as an excellent hedge against inflation and geopolitical risk, creating a thick layer of protection around your wealth and savings.

As the most uncorrelated asset class in relation to traditional asset classes, precious metals provide portfolio diversification and thus protection from extreme volatility.

Gold is an excellent risk management tool as it protects against rare and unforeseen adverse events known as “tail risks”.

Precious metals have retained their value throughout history in the face of catastrophic financial and geopolitical crises and collapses, making them a far more reliable store of wealth than paper (fiat) money.

Precious metals are high quality and liquid assets; they can easily be converted to cash and do not involve a liability or creditor relationship.

As opposed to financial assets, precious metals hold a historically stable inherent value that makes them long-term safe-haven investments.

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