About Us

The World’s Leading Physical Bullion Exchange

Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is the world’s leading electronic institutional exchange for allocated physical precious metals. The ABX brings global trading, price discovery and clearing facilities into one standardised and secure online trading environment via our groundbreaking exchange trading platform, MetalDesk.

The exchange introduces a new centrally cleared, transparent and cost-effective allocated exchange system and standard for the industry by offering precious metal market participants an exchange where they are able to trade, deliver or store physical precious metal in 7 global locations. ABX gives market participants across the world direct access to one integrated and consolidated global wholesale bullion market. We have enhanced market efficiency, introduced inclusiveness and accessibility, and provided relevant real-time price discovery.

ABX has Modernised, Globalised & Integrated the precious metal markets by redefining the way physical bullion is traded. We connect all major global liquidity centres and break down the barriers to entry to the global wholesale market for all market participants.


ABX introduces unprecedented efficiency, security, anonymity, confidence, cost-effectiveness and accessibility into the physical precious metals industry through the MetalDesk trading platform.


ABX has broken down barriers to entry to the major physical precious metals trading and liquidity centres around the world. Interconnected and fungible trading hubs allow for electronic transfer of title and the ability to arbitrage locational pricing differentials.


The ABX solution incorporates the entire precious metals trading and investment process in one online environment; offering unprecedented inclusiveness and connectivity to the wholesale market and providing a game-changing, industry-first mine-to-market solution.

ABX – The Journey

ABX was born out of a vision to create an efficient exchange where traders and investors worldwide could buy and sell wholesale quantities of allocated physical gold in an efficient, secure and cost-effective way through an electronic environment. Up until this day, the wholesale marketplace for physical bullion operated outside of an electronic environment in disjointed, non-transparent, over-the-counter regional markets. These regional markets had high barriers of entry, inhibiting many market participants from trading and investing in physical precious metals.

In 2010, while trying to invest in physical gold, ABX CEO Thomas Coughlin was surprised to learn how overly archaic the physical precious metal markets were. After an analysis was conducted on the state of the global physical bullion market, it became apparent that the market was in dire need of reform; it was in need of being modernised, globalised and integrated. A team was brought together to build the web-based electronic trading platform MetalDesk, to facilitate the trading of physical precious metals.

In 2011, a journey began across the world to showcase the revolutionary platform to market participants. It soon became apparent that the appetite for the global marketplace was immense and change could in fact be implemented. A migration away from the archaic, non-transparent, and unallocated OTC markets into a modern, global, and integrated allocated exchange was indeed not just possible, but over time probable with the correct infrastructure.

Before long, the ABX was founded. Trading as Bullion Capital during its initial testing phase, the ABX solution was tailored and offered to brokers and investors worldwide. The success and industry buy-in received by Bullion Capital confirmed the need for a dedicated institutional exchange; in 2016, the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) fully launched in the world of finance, offering a truly alternative and global marketplace for the trading of allocated physical precious metals.

Bringing efficient price discovery to 7 global trading hubs via the state-of-the-art platform, MetalDesk, ABX has managed to connect and empower an international network of buyers and sellers by offering direct access to the wholesale bullion market; connecting all major liquidity centres and breaking down the barriers to entry to the global wholesale market.

We believe in efficiency, transparency, inclusiveness and the division of power amongst all market participants. We are relentless in our pursuit of innovation and committed to providing the world with a seamless facility whereby investors can make long-term investments with absolute confidence in all economic, financial and geopolitical conditions, and physical industry participants can trade with confidence and efficiency no matter where they are and at what time.

Our Mission

Our mission at ABX is to provide a global allocated bullion exchange that is modern, integrated, and scalable; an alternative global marketplace that will truly redefine the way the world trades physical. We are inherently committed to progress and innovation, with a corporate culture that thrives on the values of integrity and transparency. What defines us above all is our desire to connect a worldwide chain of market participants in what we envision to be a truly global united marketplace.

Our Vision

Our vision is to optimise the way the world trades physical precious metals, elevating global physical market efficiency. Bringing true price discovery to the market, we ultimately envision the establishment of a universal gold price and standard‏. Why Choose ABX