Changing the face of Precious Metals Trading

The MetalDesk online trading platform allows users to access the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) and store or take delivery of physical bullion via one centralised interface. MetalDesk is the first metals trading platform of its kind, bringing price discovery from 11 global trading hubs in one online trading environment and offering increased liquidity and transparent pricing for those seeking access to the physical precious metals market. MetalDesk connects an international network of buyers and sellers, providing direct access to the wholesale bullion market with ease and simplicity. Trading Hubs represent the supply and demand forces of different localities which are tied together within one platform; with prices differing from one location to the next. The different prices reflected on MetalDesk per Trading Hub are for “all-in” pricing; there are no other charges payable by the buyer for shipment of metal to the nominated vault location.

Through its wholesale technology and clearing infrastructure, MetalDesk and the ABX represent an alternative global marketplace that empowers liquidity providers and takers around the world. With a wholesale membership structure, this metals trading platform offers a complete downstream client management solution for ABX Members who can brand the trading platform and disseminate it to their client base efficiently and effectively. MetalDesk can be easily branded and set up to function for all varieties of trading and broking Members of the ABX.

Why offer the MetalDesk trading platform.

Access the wholesale bullion market with ease and simplicity.

Store or take delivery of physical bullion via one centralised interface.

Enjoy access to a global network of 11 trading hubs and delivery locations.

Benefit from increased liquidity and transparent pricing in the physical precious metals market.

Get a complete downstream client management solution as an ABX Member.

MetalDesk White Labelling

The MetalDesk platform provides physical bullion dealers, asset managers and online brokers the ability to obtain physical bullion liquidity and offer it to their clients, either by trading on their behalf or distributing the platform directly to them.

All Members of the ABX offering the MetalDesk to their clients can enjoy a customised version of the platform along with customisable support documents and ongoing operational support. The ABX leads the configuration and supports the implementation of MetalDesk within its Members’ organisations.

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Advantages of MetalDesk

Real-time pricing and market depth for 326 products in 11 countries globally

Central limit order book

Low latency order execution

Access to a global network of 11 trading hubs and delivery locations

23 hours a day trading, 5 days a week

Multiple language support

Vault contents management

Full branding of trading platform, marketing documents and support guides

Private client account management for Members within MetalDesk

Finance management for trading with credit or cash deposits



Trade physical bullion in the trading hub of your choice and have it stored in one of our secure vaulting locations or delivered to you wherever you are in the world.


Credit your account and manage/view the movement of funds or bullion for your personal trading account.


Download detailed reports of your orders, transaction history, bullion holdings, cash transactions and account statements.


Keep up to date with all the latest bullion news and global events with MetalDesk’s live news & events feed.


Manage your finances, credit your clients’ accounts and view all of their trading activity and cash movements.


Find help documents and send support requests, or communicate directly with our technical experts for any queries you may have.


Manage your trading limits, update account details, view your fees, change passwords and select your preferred trading currency.

Are you a retail investor looking to trade physical bullion on MetalDesk? Register with one of our Members and start trading today!